Youth Ministries

We believe that all young people and adults who are involved in youth ministry have been called by God. God's word is what shapes us and shapes our youth ministry. It provides a foundation for all that we do. We want our youth program to be a safe place where young people can find significant adult friends and a wonderful peer group who will listen, support, and help them develop skills that will last them a lifetime. The youth are involved in the life and ministry of the church in a variety of ways. 


. . . is central to the Christian Community. At First Presbyterian youth are involved in a number of different ways.   Each Summer on "Youth Sunday" our youth share about their summer experiences.  They share powerful testimonies about how God had worked in their lives through our summer trips. 

Exploration / Education

. . . is a cornerstone of church life in the reformed tradition. Through various activities in our youth program, youth are encouraged to worship Christ with their minds as well as their hearts. We explore and learn about a variety of different topics throughout the year. We have Bible studies, learn about the effects of drugs and alcohol, learn how to cope with stress, etc.

Each summer our high school students gather with thousands of other youth for the Montreat Youth Conference. This is a time of study, fellowship, reflection and worship.   Our Middle School youth are involved in a week of service and exploration as they experience a mystery road trip adventure. It's all a surprise! Previous year's tours feature local mission at Martha's Mission Cupboard and the Carloina House. We also traveled to Richmond, VA to work with Boaz and Ruth. There was also a trip to King's Dominon. 


. . . God calls us "out." Mission, at home and abroad, is another way we worship God in faith and life. The youth at First Presbyterian participate in mission and service projects both locally and away from home.  We understand mission trips to be windows through which to see the world and God's vision for it in new ways Mirrors in which to see ourselves, our church, and our culture more clearly Doorways through which we enter into deeper fellowship with God and our neighbor Voices through which we may hear God's call to us.

Our program has worked with Caroline's House (home for battered women), Martha's Mission, The Carolina House, shut-ins, and many other local ministry groups.  Our ministry is also committed to mission throughout the US and abroad.  In 2016 Youth Summer Mission Trip – Previous mission trips have been to Philadelphia with the Center for Student Mission, West Virginia with Apalachicola Service Project, New Orleans with Project Homecoming, and most recently to Costa Rica with Pura Vida missions.


. . . Life as a young person in a community of faith certainly means fellowship. At First Presbyterian we have tons of fun as we grow in our faith. Throughout the year, we take time out to simply have fun, get to know each other better, and to make our group stronger. We go skiing every year, go bowling, have scavenger hunts, sing karaoke, and do lots of other fun things! 

See our YouTube Channel for videos of our trip presentations. 

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