Vision Statement

Vision Statement
(Revision 5-August 15, 2004)

Looking forward to the future, seeking direction for the next three to five years, the Officers of the church met during an Officers Retreat March 13, 2004, and identified a number of areas for continued focus and study. This information was submitted to the congregation for further conversation and discernment. The following Vision Statement, a product of much prayer and discussion, was adopted by the Session at its August 15, 2004 meeting as the future vision of our church. The Officers recognize with joy and thanksgiving that our prior vision for expanded facilities has been realized, and our vision now shifts toward broadening our ministry and mission.

Vision - to Enhance Our Church's Total Christian Education and Discipleship Training Ministry Goals:

  • Enhance the overall program for adult and children's church school education
  • Develop further opportunities for small groups and mid-week Bible studies
  • Create programs to assist persons in the recognition and utilization of their spiritual gifts
  • Develop Leadership Training within the congregation
Vision - to Develop a Well-coordinated Ministry with and to Youth, Children, and Families Goals:
  • Develop special programs and services for children and youth throughout the week
  • Explore the creation of a children's church program on Sunday mornings
  • Broaden the utilization of Westminster Hall for youth
  • Become more "youth, children, family friendly" socially and spiritually
Vision - to Expand Opportunities for and Styles of Worship Available to the Congregation Goals:

  • Bring greater diversity to the music on Sunday mornings
  • Utilize more elements of contemporary worship styles
  • Develop a pulpit exchange program with local churches
  • Create additional opportunities for corporate and individual prayer 
  • Develop opportunities for bringing worship into the home
Vision - to Increase Our Outreach into the Community

  • Seek ways to better identity and welcome visitors in our Worship Services
  • Develop an overall plan for training and assimilating new members 
  • Encourage new member participation and involvement in the life of the church
  • Utilize Westminster Hall for a greater array of community activities
  • Enhance the signs identifying our church
Vision - to Create a Congregation that Reflects the Broader Diversity Within Our Community Goals:
  • Seek greater participation by persons from a variety of Racial - Ethnic groups
  • Create a climate that makes persons of all Socio -economic groups feel at home
  • Develop more meaningful Ecumenical interaction.
Vision– to Expand Our Ministries of Compassion to the World Around us Goals:

  • Become more involved in World Mission
  • Further participate in Local Hunger Ministries
  • Develop ministries that address the needs of the Homeless in our community
The Session recognizes the need for further staff development in order to achieve these goals. Therefore:

  • We affirm our commitment to the position of Associate Pastor within the church
  • We will explore the possibility of a "Volunteer Coordinator" - a person responsible for matching the "time and talents" of congregation members with the needs and opportunities for service in the church and community.

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